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Group Route APP Premium Planning Package

WolfPack Premium is the ultimate way to experience group riding. Upgrading to premium unlocks powerful planning and community tools that make the road your own.


With WolfPack Premium, you will get the following new features:


Customize your route with Waypoints. Add that cool spot that you just have to stop at for a great view. Even of you have 20 waypoints, WolfPack has you covered. Add and plan rides from the app or by logging on the WolfPack web portal.

Waypoints show up on the Route Map, available to all Basic and Premium users in your group. Everyone you invite will follow your same planned route through all of your twists and turns.

route map

Skip and Capture Waypoints

Need to catch up with the group? With Premium, you can navigate directly to a waypoint, skipping other stops along the way.


See a great spot along the way you want to go back to later? With a couple taps on the screen, WolfPack will save it and present it to you later for a new trip.

screen shot

Run Recording

Riding solo? Want to try out a new route on your own and remember where you went? With WolfPack Run Recording you can.


Fire up WolfPack, ride around, hit stop when you are done. You can now save the route you were on to your logbook. You can even plan a group ride using the route you captured.

route screenshot

Find New Connections - Without Limits

Want to expand your travel community beyond your current pack? Find and invite as many people as you want to connect with you.

route screenshot

Unlimited Rides

Hit the road with WolfPack – without limits. Premium lets you ride to your heart’s content. Create and participate in as many runs as you want (no more limit to 8 per year).

Motorcycle rider

The WolfPack Mobile App is offered with a free 30 day trial of the Premium Features.

Try out the App to see how it fits your needs.

Once you do, stay Premium (by Subscribing), or, keep using the Basic version. Get WolfPack Premium for $5.99 per month or $59.99 for the full year.

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