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Our Partners

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The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association believes that our heritage, history and tourism are natural partners in growing better communities. Our relationships with partnering organizations allows us to contribute to the well being of our veterans, youth and families in the communities we live and work in.

We at WolfPack are proud to partner with CMTA help them bring their trips and routes to tourists all over Canada.


Since 1989, Kuryakyn has been a leader in designing and producing high-demand, highly-styled accessories for the powersports industry. The company’s product line features thousands of accessories that fit virtually every kind of motorcycle.


Kuryakyn has a special place in the WolfPack app, as part of the "WolfPack Habitat", which is reserved for partner companies who offer special programs for WolfPack users. ​


As our partnership puts Kuryakyn and Mustang Seats on the users’ most intimate device, WolfPack users can now enjoy a special access and pricing to Kuryakyn products and Mustang Seats.


As a Start-Up, we are proud to support other Start-Ups, such as KIRSH Helmets. A KIRSH Motorcycle Helmet is 100% America-made. The  helmet is more efficient at handling kinetic energy created in motor vehicle accidents. It reduces rotational acceleration more than any other motor vehicle crash helmet. ​


WolfPack now allows our users to purchase the helmet through the WolfPack Habitat at a lower cost, helping KIRSH to bring their Product to Market.

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