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Wisconsin's Official Motorcycle Social Club - Wasted Space Riders

"Wasted Space" can be described as a feeling you get when you see your motorcycle getting all dusty during the off-season, and literally wasting your space.

In the case of WolfPack's Partners, the "Wasted Space Riders" Social Club from Wisconsin, the phrase takes a whole different turn. The ironic name was chosen as a call to action, aimed to encourage local riders to get out of the house and join others for an alternative biker culture event, social gatherings and charity rides, organized by the founder Eddie Malek, and the members of the club.

The club is self-described as the voice for new, smaller events, rallies, bike shows, and local biker friendly businesses. Wasted Space Riders Club also sponsors some of its own events such The Annual Hillbilly Stomp, Wednesday Night Bike Night, Iron Butt Runs, and new to this year they had their first Classic Biker Bar Run, rolling thru southern Wisconsin backroads and stop at some of the best kept secret old school biker bars.

The club also supports and combines some of the events with other local clubs such as the Chrome Divas, Black Horizons Events and Ride, Drink, Camp and their annual Whiskey River Run.

For more information and collabs:

We would like to thank the Wasted Space Riders for choosing WolfPack to manage all of the rides and events

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