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Wind Therapy Freedom Riders and the WolfPack experience at the Central Texas Rally.

Therapy Freedom Riders are a group of individuals from all backgrounds, brought together by passion, purpose and spirituality. Beyond any brand, it’s Brother and Sisterhood, it’s a gathering of gathering of good people with purpose and a love of life who spends time teaching and learning, sharing tips and techniques with young and old, new and experienced, support each other and often give to the less fortunate.

Our own Founder and Alpha Wolf; JC Wolf have kept the pack safe during the ride together with the President of The WTFrs Social Riding Club and the man with the smile, Luis Rodriguez at the legendary Rally Central Texas and got to hear the pack's first hand feedback.

WolfPack Central was instrumental in participating in the Central Texas Rally as it allowed our dispatchers to keep track of every single rider on the route, regardless to their pace or proximity to the pack. We were able to give heads up to the staff of the locations the pack was visiting during the run, which made the logistics much easier and added to the positive experience. - Luis Rodriguez

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