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App Updates: June 2022

More details in your routes

WolfPack now allows you to set Points of Interest along your route. For each point - start, destination, and waypoints in between - you can add a name, type, description, image, and web link. Maybe a waypoint is a restaurant, a rest stop, or just a turn - now everyone knows before they hit the road.

Details are visible by tapping on a map and expanding the route preview.

But how do you add details? This is done via the companion website, which is easier to access than ever (see below).


WolfPack Web Enhancements

The WolfPack web client offers enhanced route planning and some of the key planning features from the app. For points of interest, tap on the icon next to any point to define.

And accessing the site is a little easier. Instead of entering your password twice, the Link Device menu option allows you to scan a QR code on the login page to log in.


Profile Updates

The last pieces of the redesigned profile are in place. In the Community section, you can now preview your own feed posts and manage your friends.

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