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App Updates: Fall 2020

Improved Garage More than one vehicle to share? Show them off in your profile - you are now able to build out your garage with everything that helps you hit the road.

New Option - Navigate Home By request, we’ve added the option to navigate home after your run is complete. This is great if everyone goes their separate ways at the end of the ride - when you navigate home you will leave shared navigation and be given the fastest route home.

  • First, set your home address in Settings (look under the “Navigation” section).

  • From there, you can leave the run to navigate home by tapping on the screen, tapping Options, and selecting “Go Home.”

Additional Profile Privacy WolfPack has always kept your profile contact details private only to those in your Packs and Friends list. We’ve now added the ability to also hide contact details within your Packs and Friends. It’s an easy setting in your Profile screen.

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