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Wolfpack APP Pricing & Free Trial

WolfPack Premium adds even more features to help the group ride. New subscribers can try Premium for 30 days for free!

motorbikers going down road
The Basic

The simple trip planner for the occasional traveler.

  • Unlimited Packs and Members ​

  • On the run communication ​ Integrated chat, plan the trip, share photos and more ​

  • Share news and updates with friends in the app through the Community Feed ​

  • Limited to up to 8 Trips (Runs) a Year ​

  • Limited trip planning ability ​ Set Start / End Point (no way points)

  • Navigate to Start / End only​

Free To Use
The Premium

Best trip planning tool out there. Enjoy the ride, the way you want it to be!

  • Everything in Basic, plus: ​

  • Unlimited # of Trips (Runs) ​

  • Highly customizable trip planning

  • Plan the trip, any way you want it, with waypoints, stops, etc. ​

  • Navigate to any point on the trip (including way points) ​ ​

  • Capture way points on the go ​

  • Look for other WolfPack users in your area

  • Invite unlimited number of those users to your pack. ​ ​

$5.99 a Month or $59.99 a Year
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